At Cal Pac we let our core values speak for themselves. Our team of dedicated employees integrates each of our core values into every project that we take on. We are dedicated to becoming your most trusted source for general and production sheet metal fabrication and installation.



We provide you with the confidence of knowing that all aspects and considerations of your project have been weighed and determined before any material work begins. Prior to stepping on the site our team has carefully gone over every aspect of the job to ensure a foremost SAFE and SECURE working environment. We then assign the right crew and make sure that the materials are precisely arranged. We go through everything a second time to ensure proper safety protocols and material counts.


Few sheet metal companies can move fluidly from large scale production projects to custom architectural commercial jobs without incident. Our team of experienced and qualified sheet metal installers have earned a reputation for delivering expertise and craftsmanship safely and on schedule. “The quality of the results is determined by the collaboration” This is inherently evident within every aspect of our organization.


At Cal Pac we have assembled experienced leadership that is rooted in integrity. This type of senior level veracity fosters communication and accountability that resonates throughout the entire company. Our belief is that everyone needs to be continually backed up and quality checked, from the bottom all the way to the top. The only way we get better is to be looking for ways to improve.


At Cal Pac we strive for constant and never ending improvement. The knowledge and skill that we have acquired over our 20 plus years in the business is the direct result of our overall team investment. The Cal Pac team strongly believes in each other, which allows us the dexterity to expand our overall values throughout every aspect of the company. Our core fundamental values are what drive our excellence year after year.

Our quality performance objectives are delivered through our effective use of fundamental strategies of communication, preparation, and follow through. At Cal Pac we make sure to get your job done right the first time. This commitment to performance excellence allows us to deliver the highest quality sheet metal products and services to you at the lowest possible cost.


To ensure proper documentation, all of Cal Pac’s installers and supervisors provide reports on each job’s daily events, through photographs and written logs. These reports have become instrumental in our organization. They offer transparency and minimize incidents with real time reporting of materials and progress.