Cal Pac is highly committed to the safety of all our employees; we will not place profit above safety. Injuries from accidents are unnecessary, costly and preventable. Cal Pac’s main objective is to maintain and cultivate a consistently safe work environment. Our mission is to establish a culture centered around safety, where our employees thrive and work hard because they know they are safe.


All our employees are consistently trained, certified and re-certified for a wide variety of safety protocols that are used on all our jobsites. These types of training procedures and certifications, include:

• Fall protection safety training
• Heat illness prevention safety training
• HazComm/SDS/Bloodborne
• Equipment Inspection
• Aerial, Booms and Forklift
• Lifts & Rigging
• Ergonomic Manual Lifting
• Slips, Trips and Falls
• Scaffold/Ladder Inspection and Awareness
• Power Tools
• Electrical Hazard Awareness
• Responsible Reporting
• General Practices – Field COSP
• Fire/Evacuation Procedures
• CPR & First Aid


To reinforce our safety program objectives, we are in constant contact with our new and existing employees. Our compliance and communication meetings consist of:

• Weekly safety meetings
• Safety topic check attachments
• Job site safety evaluations with corresponding training


Cal Pac Sheet Metal utilizes the latest in fall protection safety gear. We make sure that our employees are safe when working off the ground by utilizing mandatory, OSHA approved, fall protection gear. Some of the additional fall protection precautionary measures that we take, include:

• Continuous improvement of safety technologies
• Internal site inspections
• Structured safety program
• Safety technology innovation