Cal Pac Sheet Metal specializes in Division 7 architectural sheet metal.   Our production team offers a wealth of experience when it comes to delivering on the most aggressive project schedules.  We work seamlessly with your project team and other trades to ensure each project is completed with a commitment to workmanship, safety, sequencing and schedule. 

Our talented team of very experienced sheet metal installers take pride delivering quality products. It is through their hard work that Cal Pac Sheet Metal is an industry leader as well as a trusted partner and sub-contractor.

We work with Aluminum, Bonderized, Copper, Galvanized, and an array of pre-finished metals; both fabricating and installing.

• Parapet Coping
• Roof Flashing and Edge metals
• Deck Flashing
• Base Flashing
• Window and Door Pans
• Gutter, Downspout and Leader Heads
• Scupper and Overflow Systems
• Dryer, Kitchen and Bathroom Exterior Ventilation

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